Saturday, November 22, 2014

Links to sites that give you free stuff

How to get free dog food samples by mail

What to do:
1. go to the contact us page
2. send them an email asking for a sample
3. I wrote Could you send me a free sample of your dog food? My two dogs can be picky
eaters, so I would like to see if they like your dog food. I would be interested in LiveSmart™ Chicken Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula, LiveSmart™Hearty Chicken Stew, LiveSmart™
Lamb Meal and Brown Rice Adult Dog Formula, and/or Wellness Super5Mix® Complete Health Chicken Recipe. I have recieved my samples in the mail.
What to do:
1. go to the contact us page
2. send them an email asking for a sample
3. I wrote Could you send me a free sample of your dog food? My two dogs can be picky
eaters, so I would like to see if they like your dog food.

How to get couons for V8

1. Go to
2. Select compliment
3. Give your information and tell them whcih product you like and why
4. They will send you an email saying,
We received your message and appreciate your taking the time to contact Campbell Soup Company to let us know that you think our V8 V-Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry Energy Drink is "M'm! M'm! Good!" I've forwarded your kind words to the rest of my team so that they too may know that their efforts are appreciated.

At Campbell, our number one priority is to delight our consumers. We realize that it is consumers like you who have helped build our businesses and we sincerely appreciate your loyalty.

As a small token of our thanks, I've sent a complimentary coupon in the mail. Please use it to enjoy your favorite product from the Campbell family of brands including V8, Prego, Pace and Pepperidge Farm.

free yasso frozen greek yogurt

1. have an email address

2. Email :

3. In your email mention that you have seen their product in the store and have wanted to try it or that you have tried it and like it and why.  Then go on to ask them for a coupon for a free box of their forzen yogurt pops, saying that a friend of yours had gotten one and you were wondering if you could to.  Make sure to include your address.  I did this and got a free box of frozen yogurt treats.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pirates Of Financial Freedom

If anyone is interested in a financial book go to Here are three giftcodes for a free $5 on the site cc536d410275b8b, cc536d454ec548a, cc536d479598e07

Pirates Of Financial Freedom

With his back against the wall, Captain Dailey is forced to make a deal that's against every pirate bone in his body. In return, his son must save the crew from their financial problems before it is too late.


One site that I use is: this site allows you to sell your lightly used clothes to them for money. So far I have sold them a blazer and they paid me $12.60 any clothes they don't accept gets donated to charity. All you have to do is request a bag normally the bag cost $5, but right now they are free; when you get the bag you fill it up with your clothes, shoes, accessories,and/or purses and send it in (thredup pays for the postage). Please join through my link so that I get credit for your referral.

Survey Spot

Another great site is survey spot; on this site you take simple surveys to earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards. I included my personal link below so that you sign up.


I also use for my coupon needs because I get great coupons and I get 10 swagbucks per coupon I use. I also take surveys on to get extra swagbucks. I then redeem my swagbucks for giftcards to places like walmart, target, and amazon where I can get disaster supplies. It takes about 500 swag bucks to get a $5 giftcard, but if you do the occasional survey, a daily poll, and use coupons then you can get a good number of giftcards. I made $15 in about two months. Please sign up through the following so that swagbucks knows I told you about their site.

Copy and paste: 


A second site I use that is similar to shopmium is ibotta just like shopmium you get money back on everyday items that you buy, my favorite is that you can get $0.50 back on milk every week. All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt through the app and then scan the barcode through the app. This app can be used on any apple device that has a camera. All you need is an email and an apple device with a camera. To get the app open safari and type in by getting the app this way you will get $2.


One of the sites I use to earn money is this works on any iPad, iPhone, and iPod with a camera. Basically when you buy an item featured on the app they give you money back for free. All you need is a device, a Paypal account (which you can make for free), and an email address. All you do is open the app store and search for shopmium and download the app for free! Also as a bonus when you sign up the app asks if you have a referral code, say yes and type in HMECCMRK this code will give you a free bonus offer. The bonus offer is a free Lindt chocolate bar of your choice.

Disaster Preparation Community


I have recently joined Disaster Preparation Community and created a group on it called Money-Savers&Makers. I don't know about you, but some people live tight budget and sometimes find it hard to spend my extra money on disaster supplies they might never use. I created this group to share with you how I save on disaster supplies and make money to use on disaster supplies. 

Check out my group at: