Saturday, March 4, 2017

7 pcs Mini Street Retail Store Building Blocks Set with Bonus 2 Tank Battle Set/ 10 Random minifigures building blocks mix/ 1 Bonus Lego base (random color) COMPATIBLE with LEGO

7 pcs Mini Street Retail Store Building Blocks Set with Bonus 2 Tank Battle Set/ 10 Random minifigures building blocks mix/ 1 Bonus Lego base (random color) COMPATIBLE with LEGO

  • SET CONTAINS 7 GENERIC STORES: this set contains a variety of stores, including McDonalds, Apple store, Sports Store, Fast Mart, coffee shop, KFC look alike store and a donut/sweet shop (approx. 180pcs per store, instructions included)
  • SET WITH 20 DIFFERENT ITEMS: there are a total of twenty pieces in this amazing set, including generic 7 stores, 10 random lego minifigures, a bonus 2-tank battle set and a LEGO baseplate Factory sealed, no retail box.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH LEGO: your child can use this set to play with other LEGO toys in their collection, as these toys are compatible with other LEGO toys creating endless possibilities.
  • DEVELOPS THEIR CREATIVITY: containing a variety of toys, your child can play with these toys to create different games, thus developing his/her creativity and helps build their logical and cognitive skills.
  • AN EXCELLENT GIFT FOR KIDS: this set is amazing to be offered as a gift with the variety this set offers, your child will have hours of fun and entertainment. The set are interchangeable and can be incorporated in other lego play settings.
My Review

I bought this 7 pcs Mini Street Building Blocks Set for two uses. One to bring with me to work to share with the kids in my group and to use with my niece and nephew when I babysit them. So far I have introduced this set to my niece and nephew and let me tell you it was a big hit.

The fact that this set had enough buildings for them to each create three of their own was perfect. They each made three buildings and then I put together one. They had a lot of fun creating the buildings. 

The directions were perfect for them because there were no words only pictures and a number to indicate how many of each piece they would need for each step. I recommend setting up each child with a place-mat and having them work on one building at a time as it is much harder for them to find the pieces if they mix the building block for two buildings together.

Once we finished putting together the buildings it was time to break out the people and the tanks. My nephew put together the tanks and my niece made the people. They then spent the next hour and half playing make believe with their creations. 

I put together the fast food restaurant and I liked how easy it was to get the pieces to click in to place. There was never a need to force any of the piece and they all lines up just the way that they were supposed to. If you checkout my video review I show what the fast food restaurant looked liked after each step. 

Overall this set is perfect for any child who enjoys building and/or Lego building (these blocks fit together perfectly with other Lego pieces). It would make a great gift for any occasion!

Friday, March 3, 2017

JTrim PRO-Clipper Elite Clippers

Hair Clippers For Men By JTrim PRO-Clipper Elite 2 Speeds Electric Beard Trimmer Mustache Cordless Hair Trimmer For Adult and Kids JPT-HC400 Jay's Products

Hair Clippers By JTrim PRO-Clipper Elite 2 Speeds Electric Beard Trimmer Mustache Cordless Hair Trimmer For Adult and Kids JPT-HC400 Jay's Products , The JTrim RRO-Clipper Elite Made Of Extremely Sharp Titanium Fixed Blade And Ceramic Moving Blade will Last Longer, Extremely Powerful High Quality Durable And Ultra Quiet & No vibration For Professional And Personal Use Adult and Kids ,8 Comb Attachment 1/16-1/8-1/4-3/8-1/2-5/8 , Left Right , The Blade Cutting Height Can Be Adjusted From .08-2.0 mm, 30 days free trial - Lithium Battery Rechargeable Time 3H Use Time 4H ,110V-240V US Plug , 1 Year warranty ,The Blades is Replaceable And will Be Available soon Hair Clippers, trimmer for men, Professional Hair Clippers , Beard Trimmer , Mustache Trimmer , Sideburns Trimmer, hair clippers for men, hair clippers for kids, kids hair clippers , cordless clippers, professional barber clippers, best professional clippers, cordless hair clippers for men, top rated mens hair clippers, Hair Clipper, beard clipper, beard clippers, grooming kit for men, mens grooming kit, beard grooming kit , electric hair trimmer, hair clippers for men, hair clippers cordless, cordless hair clipper, electric hair clippers for men, electric hair clippers , body groomer, electric hair clippers, beard groomer, men grooming kit, mens groomer, mens clippers, mens beard trimmer, mens beard grooming kit, hair clipper, beard trimmer kit, beard trimmers for men, beard trimmer rechargeable, mens grooming, trimmer kit for men, hair clippers for men,

My Review

I chose to purchase the JTrim PRO-Clipper Elite Clippers because I have so far had very positive experiences with the JTrim line. I chose these clippers over others because the clippers have two different speeds, the ceramic blades, and the numerous comb attachments. These particular clippers come with eight different comb attachments, which allows for many different hair lengths. I was also very pleased with the fact that when I turn it on and use it, it is not loud like the clippers that are in use at the hair salons, but instead it is practically silent with no vibrations.

So far, I have used these clippers to cut my father’s hair for him once and I was amazed at how easy it was to use them. There was no cord to get in the way and the clippers themselves did not even vibrate in my hand. The lack of vibration made it a lot easier to keep my hand steady. My father also liked the fact that he could also use it as a beard and mustache trimmer on himself.

Besides working perfectly for what I needed these clippers for I was also very pleased with it from a visual standpoint. Instead of being a chunky looking thing, it has a nice sleek design. The color combination of black and a metallic gold in the middle make it possible to leave the clippers out while charging in the bathroom without them being an eye sore.

Overall, I am very pleased with the JTrim PRO-Clipper Elite Clippers and I would recommend them to anyone looking to cut hair at home and to use for their beard and mustache grooming.