Friday, May 17, 2013

Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Insoles Review


Dr. Scholl's® Massaging Gel® Insoles 


A great way to get free stuff is to become a Bzz Agent. You fill out surveys and then get campaigns where they send you free stuff. You just have to review their products.  This is where I blog about the products I get to try; this time I am going to write about my experience with Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Insoles .


"Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel® Insoles provide energizing support and cushioning for men and women on the move. Designed to fit everyday shoes, these insoles are made with two types of gel to double the comfort in your shoes for those with foot discomfort and absorb shock all day long."



When I opened my free pair of  Dr. Scholl’s® Massaging Gel Insoles that I got from buzz agent, I found that they were very customizable.  I was very surprised to find that one pair of insoles would fit shoe sizes six through ten, then I found out that these insoles are designed to be cut to fit each persons foot.  There are lines that mark where to cut the insole depending on your shoe size.  The insoles work wonderfully, before my shoes would hurt my feet if I wore them too long, but now I can wear them all day without problems.  My feet are no longer achy after walking all day instead they feel great.  They even help me with my painful arches.

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