Sunday, January 15, 2017

6 pcs/Set Paw Patrol Minifigures Building Toys Compatible With Lego by SKS Express

REAL PAW PATROL CHARACTERS —kids are going to love this! Giving them an opportunity to have a great real playtime with their favorite paw patrol TV show characters. These 6 pieces per set toy is a must have for every home with vibrant kids.
IMPROVE KIDS IMAGINATION AND CREATIVITY—watch your kids play out their own version of Paw Patrol scripts. Watch them go on rescue mission in the jungle with their favorite pups: SKYE, MARSHALL, ZUMA, CHASE, Rubble and ROCKY which are made to assume standing position or on 4 legs.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS —these Paw Patrol Minifigures lego are built to last, withstand wear and tear as well as rigorous usage by kids and therefore, will stand the test of time, thanks to the high-quality plastic material which they are made of.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY—these set of toys are absolutely safe for the kids as well as the environment, it has no sharp edges and poses no threat to the environment. These set of toys are compatible with LEGO Toys.
PERFECT GIFT ITEM—Paw Patrol Dog Characters is a thoughtful gift for all kids during special events like Christmas, birthday party, reward day, etc.

My Review
I recently purchased 6 pcs/Set Paw Patrol Minifigures Building Toys Compatible With Lego by SKS Express as a new toy to bring in to my after school group. My group has recently started doing a Lego rotation and they were complaining about how there were never any Lego characters so I bought these for them. 

As soon as my kids saw these they were over the moon! The were so excited that they immediately all went looking for their favorite Paw Patrol character. The kids were all able to put the Paw Patrol characters together by themselves without any help from me and without any instructions. The favorite seems to be the German Shepard Police character.

I personally really liked how each character came in a separate bag with all the parts needed to put him or her together (check out my video for how each character looks before and after construction). I also liked how all the characters were just fine with the Lego blocks I already have for them at school. None of the characters had to be crammed on a Lego as they all fit on the Legos perfectly.

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