Friday, February 10, 2017

13pcs/pk Mixed Rubber Animals Floating Bath Toys for Toddlers with Bonus Bath Toy Mesh Bag

    Product Details
  • IMAGINATION BOOSTER—this bathtub animal toy set features a variety of animals + a bonus bath tub mesh bag. This collection of different animals helps to boost your child's imagination and provide knowledge about the animals
  • ATTRACTIVE AND FUN—the featured animals of this toy set comes in various attractive colors, enough to capture your child's attention and keep them engaged throughout the bath tub session. Interestingly, each of these toys creates amazing bubbles when under water and make some interesting sound when squeezed.
  • BONUS BATH TOY ORGANIZER BAG—these great animal set bath toys comes with a bonus bath toy bag with suction cup that can be placed on the bathroom wall to keep the bath toys away and organized when not in use. This mesh bag is large enough to keep these bath toys plus current bath toys your child owns.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE—this mixed animal bath toys are made of top quality rubber materials. They are basically built to last as well as to withstand rough handling. These bath set toys are happily waiting at the bathroom each day to entertain your child.
  • GREAT GIFT FOR YOUR CHILD—this rubber animals bath toys set will be a great addition to your child’s bath toys collection and great gift for any occasion.

My Review

I bought these bath toys for when I babysit my niece and nephew and have to do bath time. They normally hate bath time and their parents don't have any bath toys in the house so I thought I would try using these to make bath time more fun. I was very excited when the plan worked they absolutely loved these cute bath toys. They sit in the tub together and they try to create little stories together with the toys. Their last story involved an all animal splash war battle with the loser having to help me put the toys away.

The bath toys are very durable and I can attest to the fact that they are very light and don't really hurt if you get hit on the head with one though you will get a bit wet. The kids loved the fact that the toys all make noise if you squeeze them and they have a lot of fun doing that. Make sure to be careful with the bath toys if you have dogs as I have found that they toys sound a bit like a dog squeaky toy and my dog seemed like he was considering jumping into the tub to get a bath toy for himself.

The mesh bag that come with the toys is great as it has suction cup which allows it to stick to the side of the bath tub which makes storage and clean up a breeze. It also allows the bath toys to air dry in the tub where all the water can go straight down the drain.

All in all these are perfect for anyone looking for some fun, durable, and light weight bath toys for kids!

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