Thursday, September 29, 2016

8pcs/pk Bamboo Fiber Women's Seamless Menstrual Period Leak Proof Panties Underwear by SKS® Express

LEAK PROOF - these panties are especially designed for women to wear them during their menstrual cycle days, to protect them from accidental incontinence, or from undesired leaks caused by heavy flow
COMFORTABLE AND STRETCHABLE - the material used for these panties make them to easily stretch and to provide women with great comfort
8 COLORS AVAILABLE IN 1 PACK - you can choose your color to wear, from the eight various colors available: black, nude, peach, red, watermelon, light pink, rose pink and purple
AMAZING PROTECTION - these panties offer amazing protection, and they can be used along with other protective accessories, such as tampons, menstrual cups, pantyliners, and sanitary napkins.
HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - made of 95% viscose bamboo fiber and 5% spandex

My Review
The fit of these panties was not only perfect, but also very comfortable. They were not too tight anywhere nor where they too loose anywhere. The eight different color options was really nice because it allowed me to choose a pair that worked best with my outfit of the day. For instance light shrimp color and the complexion were perfect for my white dress and shorts as they remained invisible to everyone else. 

These panties might look like any other underwear, but they have an extra built in lining that offers extra protection during menstruation. I felt a lot safer wearing these when it came close to my period as it took the stress out of wondering when it would arrive because I would be prepared no matter when it came. Just to clarifying the lining is not a replacement for a pad or tampon, but it adds an extra level of protection for surprise bleeding and over-bleeding. 

I was sent this item at a discount for only my honest and unbiased review. I welcome both positive and negative feedback.

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