Thursday, October 27, 2016

iPhone 6s Case, Kroma [Chameleon Series] Heavy Duty Wallet Case for iPhone 6s (White)

Product Details
Rigorously lab tested PC back panel and TPE interior built to stand up to years of drops, bumps, and scrapes
Polycarbonate UV finish offers resistance to scratches, fingerprints, and watermarks from everyday use, keeping your iPhone looking as good as it did the day you bought it
Conveniently keep your ID, bank card, or transportation card in the back slot of your case, easily accessible by flipping up the bottom flap
Durable, yet low-profile - our case fits your iPhone snugly, offering secure trip and easy access to buttons and parts

My Review
I purchased the iPhone 6s Case, Kroma [Chameleon Series] Heavy Duty Wallet Case for iPhone 6s for myself in order to have a phone case that would hold both my phone and my credit card and ID. However I got so much more than that! This phone case also has a Polycarbonate UV finish, which helps keep it clean from fingerprints, scratches, and water marks.

I love how this case work so much better than my old iPhone wallet cases. Unlike them this case makes it super easy to get my phone in and out of the case. It is also easy to pull the credit card out of the case without removing the phone unlike wallet cases where credit cards are always getting caught or stuck in the pockets.

I chose this specific case over other because besides doing everything I need it to do it also has a sleek look to it. The white and turquoise are an elegant color combination that just come together beautifully. 

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