Friday, October 21, 2016

Women's 5 pack Multicolored Seamless High Waist Spandex Shaper Thong by SKS Express

5 COLORS AVAILABLE IN 1 PACK - you can choose your color to wear, from the five various colors available: black, blue, burgundy red, nude and gray.
Product Details
COMFORTABLE WEAR/NO PANTY LINES--A comfortable high waist Spandex Shaper designed to give you a slimmer feminine silhouette shape and removing waistline. With this product you can perfectly slip in your tummy under all kinds of wears from party, cocktail dresses to casual outfits.

PERFECT UNDER WEAR--This Seamless waist Shaper feels great when worn under dresses, short, pants and even skin-tight jeans, and it's great for gym wear.
ERGONOMIC DESIGN--This is a kind of underwear that grips your body all day long under warm or cold weather and yet keeps you comfortable. Thanks to its Breathable and moisture wicking nature to keep you sweat-free. It has an antibacterial property that protects you from infections.
SUPERIOR QUALITY FABRICS--Enjoy the Ultra softness of a high quality and Sexy looking thong made of 72 % Polyamide and 28% Elastin, for ultimate durability.

                                      My Review

I decided to purchase the Women's 5 pack Multicolored Seamless High Waist Spandex Shaper Thong by SKS Express because of the fact that of was a multi-pack of shaper thongs. I have have never seen shaper thongs before and I have been wanting to give shaper underwear a try.

I liked how they were 100% seamless so that no underwear lines were visible through my clothing. However my favorite part by far was how it tucked my stomach in. I have a few tight fitting dresses that look nice on me as long as I tuck in my stomach a little bit. These underwear were perfect for those dresses as they pull my stomach in without any pain or discomfit. 

I was surprised by how comfortable they were. They were a little tight, but then again they would not being doing there job if they were not tight. They also were not too tight, they did not make breathing difficult or uncomfortable. 

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