Saturday, November 5, 2016

Kinzi Jump Rope (pink)

Kinzi Jump Rope

I have recently started a morning exercise routine for myself that had in the past consisted of some stretching and speed walking,  however I friend of mine recommended adding jump roping to my routine. When I started looking for a jump rope the Kinzi Jump Rope immediately caught my attention because it has an adjustable length, its pink, and the fact that it comes with a carrying case.

As soon as I got it I went to my friend for help in making it the correct size.She was eager to help me and said that while she had helped people with jump rope sizing in the past this one was one of the easier ones to adjust. 

Since I have had it adjusted I have been using it every morning right after I stretch and before I walk. I have to say this has been working out great as I have been able to elevate my heart rate easily. The jump rope has great handles which allow me to keep a good grip on it at all times. When I am done with it the carrying case comes in very handy as it allows me to roll it up and store it nicely. 

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