Friday, November 4, 2016

Lumina Dash Cam

Lumina Dash Cam

I chose to purchase the Lumina Dash Cam because I live in Florida where I have seen a lot of crazy driving. I have literally seen everything from people cutting other off in the turning lane to left turns on red, all the way to people stopping a red light and then deciding to go through it anyway. All this crazy driving made me want to get a dash camera so that if I got into a accident I could have proof of whose fault it was and perhaps catch the license plate on camera if you person decided to do a hit and run.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by how small the dash camera really is. The whole camera fits easily in the palm of my hand. This is perfect for me because it does not take up that much room on my dash nor does it make it difficult to see or block and portion of my view. 

The Lumina Dash Cam was very easy to install on my dash it took me less than ten minutes to get the camera set up and in the spot I wanted it in. I really liked the fact that the camera takes amazing picture. I would compare the picture quality to that of the videos taken by my iPhone.

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